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Understanding the differences between an electric hook-up and a mobile mains unit is important to ensure that you are booking, purchasing or bringing the correct equipment to enjoy your camping trip. 




It’s that time of the year, celebrating Hope Cove & the end of August.


And at the blink of an eye, we will soon be in the school summer holidays, which can only mean one thing.....


....from Tuesday 25th July we welcome back our lovley food vendors to Karrageen.   

For those visiting over the May half-term/ Bank Holiday, here's the who and when of food vendors coming to Karrageen over that week.


Who’s excited about the Hope Cove Weekend? Here’s the schedule of all activities and timings for the three day event.



Slow internet speeds at Karrageen may be a thing of the past.


For those of you who were lucky enough to return to Hope Cove over the last couple of years, you may have noticed something missing over the Bank Holiday weekend!



For all those who are stopping with us, or in the area and are looking for a function or event to attend and celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, here is a list of what's going on in the area.


Hope Cove 

Road closures are to be expected both ways on the A38 from Splatford Split until Heathfield, between 1900 & 0600.

When: 12th May 2022 - 26th August 2022

Where: Splatford Split - Clay Lane, Heathfield