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New Defibrillator at Karrageen

At some stage in our lives, we are all likely to know someone who's life has been saved by an accessible defibrillator.


Knowing that Karrageen is located in a fairly rural but equally beautiful area, which attracts thousands of visitors each month in the summer, we thought that we should help to improve the network of defibrillators in our area. 

After discussions with the Malborough Parish Council, we decided to invest in a defibrillator on our holiday park to help close the gap between Hope Cove and Malborough.

At the end of May we installed the new defibrillator outside our Laundry Room/ Toilet Facility, which can be accessed from the road (approximately 50 yards), and will be accessible throughout the year. 

Should it be of interest there is an app you can download on your smart phone showing you the location of defibrillators in your area, called Staying Alive.